In the following lines, I will tell you who I am and I will also provide other general information, such as the sale of my works or the articles published in the press about my activity.

In the category ENGLISH-Contents you will find articles with photos and text about my works but soon there will also be some projects.

Annita Russo

Who I am?


I live among Italy (Messina and Florence) and Spain (Tenerife). After my BS graduation and master degree in History of Art, I chiefly attended education in high schools. I also organized a database of images for the Ministry of Education, so I was personally involved in  selecting the best of the major Italian museums. Iconographic research has therefore always been uppermost in my activities. I currently cooperate in Italy and abroad with some shops of hobby and art supplies.

My creative work


Painting on fabric and glass are two of my great passions, but in 1996, by chance, I got my first encounter with decoupage … an electric shock! I learned to apply techniques that for years I knew only in theory, but through constant study, supported by the attendance of experts, I could also manually capture the domain of colors and images. This new commitment soon became a companion for my job about history of’ art.

In 2003 I subscribed the society Découpageitalia and got in contact with those who share my passion. This enriched me very much, so I quickly accepted the commitment to coordinate regional managers with their groups spread across Italy.

News in Découpage

At the end of 2005 exhibit at the Florence Countrylife decoupage a type of mixed technique, the first result of my research on the precious collections of the Medici. Decorative objects evoke, like a game, the atmosphere of one of the finest Renaissance courts, invoking the crystals carved in Palazzo Pitti. Continued in 2006 and inspired by the Opificio delle pietre dure (paint stone workshop)a nd then the amber of the Museum of silver – both in Florence. My route starts usually by a museum, never to imitate the originals, but only for seeking inspiration for a free interpretation. Another source of my inspiration comes from travel and reading. The themes that I developed have attracted the ‘attention of the major magazines (eg Le idee di Casamia, Creare con Casaviva, Laboratorio di Découpage), who published many of my works. More of my items have participated in the annual exhibition of Marie Claire Idées, Paris.

Are the works for sale?

Some of the ojects presented here belong to private collections. Only a few are available. Others can be done on commission. If you are interested in something, send me a message.

In the Press

 You can see the articles about my activity:

– from “Le idee di Casamia” and “Creare con Casaviva”  in the “Website Maecla

– News 2006 from the National Guild of Decoupeurs:

Dialogue, rivista elettronica dell' Associazione



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